Note: entries for the 2018 youth writing contest are currently being judged. Winners will be contacted by phone or email, Winning entries will also be posted on the website.



 NEOWA is pleased to announce their 6th annual Youth Outdoor Writing Contest. The rules for the contest are as follows:


1. The contest is open to students in New England. Submissions from students in grades 6-8 will be entered in the Junior Division; grades 9-12 will be entered in the Senior Division.


2. The topic must be outdoor-oriented (fishing, hunting, boating, canoeing, hiking, camping, nature, ecology, etc.). Any prose or poetic form is acceptable.


3. First, second, third and two honorable mentions will be chosen in both the junior and senior divisions. Winners will receive certificates and cash prizes.  First place $150, second $100, third $50, Two honorable mentions $25.


4. The written work should not exceed 500 words. Entrants must submit by mail, three legible 8½ x 11 copies of his or her work with a title of the entry and the author’s name. The entrant must also include a cover sheet including name, age, address, telephone, e-mail and grade in school. One copy of the entry must also be sent by email.


5. The deadline for mailing contest entries is Feb. 15, 2018. Mail entries to Youth Writing Contest, c/o Randy Julius, 487 Central St., East Bridgewater, MA 02333.

Email:  Phone 508-378-2290, 508-642-2997. 


Youth Writing Committee

Chairman: Dr. Hal Lyon;

Diane Reynolds;

James Allard;

David Pickering;

Randy Julius;


NEOWA will announce the contest winners during spring 2018. NEOWA reserves the right to publish the winning entries in their publications and on its website