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TO APPLICANTS & SPONSORS: Only Active, Senior Active or Life members may sponsor an applicant for Active membership. The following descriptions of outdoor-communication activities are designed to aid the board of directors in their verification of an applicant’s qualifications. All documentation will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and forwarded to the board of directors for action.

TO PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS: The purpose of the New England Outdoor Writers Association is to encourage excellence and professionalism in the communication media concerned with outdoor sports; to encourage harmonious relations and sportsmanlike conduct between sportsmen and sportswomen; to promote and encourage the conservation and wise use of natural resources; and to disseminate such information pertaining thereto as shall further these purposes.

Outdoor sports are defined as those activities which are concerned with hunting, fishing, boating, archery, shooting, field trials, sporting dogs, camping, woodcraft, skin diving, scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, wildlife watching, natural history, conservation and similar activities which add to the knowledge and enjoyment of nature and natural resources.


ACTIVE MEMBER: Any person who has been actively engaged during the past twelve (12) months immediately prior to application, in the communication media concerned with outdoor sports, and who meets the qualification standards established by the Corporation and as administered by the board of directors may, upon application, presentation of credentials and payment of the yearly dues, be elected to Active membership in the corporation, by the board of directors, and be entitled to hold office, vote and enjoy all other privileges pertaining thereto.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Any person who participates in a commercial, private or service organization which is concerned with the field of outdoor sports, or any member or former member who has ceased active participation in the communication media may, upon application, presentation of credentials and payment of the annual dues, be elected to Associate membership by the board of firectors. Associate Members may attend meetings, participate in activities and serve on committees, but are not entitled to vote or hold office in the corporation.

NOTE: Only current Active Members are eligible for Life or Senior Active status, which require action by the board of directors. Only Senior Active Member status may be applied for. Candidates for Life or Honorary status may be nominated by Active Members, but are bestowed by the board of directors.

 Documentation for Individual
(Active or Associate Membership)
INSTRUCTIONS: Applicants for Active membership must supply the information requested below along with the required documentation in the form of books, illustrations, published photos, tear sheets, letters from editors/publishers or audio or videotapes. List each of the enclosed documentation (at least the minimum required totaling 24 points) to indicate for which classification of Active membership you are applying. It is permissible to submit a collection of points in several categories to accumulate the 24 points required to attain Active Member status.
NOTE: Applicants for Associate membership must also supply documentation that supports the terms of becoming an Associate member as described on Page 1 of this application.
PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The bylaws give the board of directors a great deal of latitude in the screening process. It is the applicant’s responsibility to document his/her qualifications, and the sponsor’s duty to review the application and supporting materials before the application is forwarded for action. The sponsor should call the Executive Secretary for a clarification of any requirements. Any supporting document that is in question will be offered to the board of directors for a decision as to its eligibility. The guidelines following each category are meant only to clarify or eliminate most questionable credits.

Credits are accumulated ONLY for outdoor communications published or produced during the 12 months immediately prior to making application for which the applicant (Active) has received REMUNERATION.

Name of Applicant   ______________________________________________________________________

Home Address: Street  ___________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________________________ State _______________ Zip ________

Telephone __________________Cell ____________________  Spouse (first name)   __________________

Fax: _________________________________  E-mail _________________________________________

Web site ________________________________________________________

Complete only if you wish to be contacted at work as well as at home

Company/Organization __________________________________________________________________

Telephone __________________ Fax_______________________ Work e-mail_____________________


Enclosed is documentation to support each requirement of the category for which I am applying.

Initiation Fee for Active or Associate membership:                                                            $10.00

Annual Active Member Dues: $75.00                                                                                    $________

Annual Associate Member Dues: $35.00                                                                              $________

Make Check or Money Order payable to NEOWA              TOTAL ENCLOSED           $________

 CLASSIFICATION                                          Authorized                           # Points                       Total
                                                                               Points                             Documented                Points
1. Newspaper Writer
    Columns or Reports                                               2 X                                   _________            _______
    Features                                                                   3 X                                   _________            _______
Name of Newspaper ________________________Is newspaper Published Daily ____ Weekly____

Circulation (in thousands) ______________ Are you a Full-time____ Part-time_____ reporter/columnist?

COMMENTS: This category is for assigned writers (columnists) and freelance fillers, in the daily or weekly newspaper market; periodicals that are published more than once monthly. Photo essays are to be considered under the category of photographers.

2. Magazines (published less than weekly)
    Full Feature (in all regions, nationally)              12 X                                    ________            _______
    Columnist (in all regions, nationally)                   4 X                                    ________             _______
    Regional Feature                                                     3 X                                    ________             _______
    Regional Report or Column                                   2 X                                    ________             _______
COMMENTS: To be eligible, a full-feature and national columnist must appear in the meat of the publication as opposed to a regional signature wrap.

3. Full-time Government Information/
    I&E Chief or Staff Member                                   24 X                                    ________            _______


COMMENTS: This category is focused on government information and education departments and excludes advertising agencies or manufacturer’s representatives. (Category 10 addresses ad agency members) The most prudent course of action for applicants as PR Staff is to have the I&E Chief (NEOWA Active Member) sponsor the applicant and verify the amount of communication the applying staff member has accomplished. Simply being a staff member is not sufficient. You must produce news releases, etc.

4. Book Author
    Published by Recognized Publisher                      24 X                                       _________            _______
    Self-Publish or Vanity Press                                   6 X                                       _________            _______

COMMENTS: Full credit will be allowed for books for a three (3) year period including publication year. The standard for a recognized publishing house will be a listing in the Literary Marketplace (LMP) published by R.R. Bowker, N.Y.

5. Editor or Publisher
    Masthead Publisher                                            24 X                                       _________            _______
    Managing or Executive Editor                           24 X                                       _________            _______
   Regional Editor (National circulation)               12 X                                       _________            _______

COMMENTS: Only persons listed on the publication’s masthead as either a Publisher, co-Publisher, Editor, Managing Editor, Senior or Executive Editor qualifies for this classification. Publisher Emeritus, Associate Editors, Field Editors and other subordinates are not eligible. Regional Editors must be responsible for all submissions in their assigned regions, i.e. Gun Editors, Boating Editors, etc., do not qualify here. Regional editors must be in nationally distributed publications only.

6. Electronic Media - Radio or TV Commentator, Writer, Editor or Producer;         
    Cinematographer, Videographer and Internet
    Full-Length Video or Film Producer                     24 X                                       __________            _______
    National Show Host, Editor, Producer                 24 X                                       __________            _______
    Local Show Host, Editor, Producer                        3 X                                       __________            _______
    National Show Guest Commentator                       3 X                                       __________            _______
    Local Show Guest Commentator                            1X                                       __________             _______
    Webmaster/SYSOP                                                  24X                                      __________            _______
    Internet full feature                                                    6X                                      __________            _______
    Internet column or report                                          2X                                      __________            _______

COMMENTS: Examples of national networks are Talk America Radio, A&E, PBS, TNN, CNN, ESPN. Local network examples include public access channels, local cable or radio stations. If you solely write the script for shows, but are not the on-air host, take credit as host. Internet credits follow the same guidelines as print media.

CLASSIFICATION                                               Authorized                                    # Points               Total
                                                                                 Points                                        Documented        Points
7. Newspaper and Magazine Photographer
    National Magazine                                                    4X                                           _________         _______
    Regional Magazine                                                   2X                                           _________         _______
    Newspaper and Tabloid                                           1X                                           _________         _______

COMMENTS: No more than 3 photos per issue. Tear sheets will not be accepted without printed photo credit or letter from editor attesting payment for use of photos claimed.

8. Lecturer
    Featured Speaker (Single Headliner)                       6 X                                            _________        _______     
    Subordinate Speaker                                                  I X                                            _________        _______

COMMENTS: Hunter-safety courses, adult education, or lectures given to promote your guide service do not qualify. If you have a speaking tour in which you write, produce and perform as a featured speaker (headliner) take a full 6 credits per appearance. If you are one of several speakers on the agenda such as during a trade or sportsman show, take only one credit per appearance.

9. Artist/cartoonist/illustrator
    Nationally Circulated Magazine                              6X                                            _________         _______
    Regional and Local (Newsprint)                              2X                                            _________         _______
COMMENTS: No more than 3 illustrations per issue. Cartoonists: one set of panels or storyboards equals one level of credit.

10. Outdoor-Related Industry, Agency, Association or Organization
      Full-time employee                                                  24X                                            _________         _______
COMMENTS: Public-relations specialist or media contact who is responsible for or produces press kits, writes print and broadcast-media copy. This category is similar to government I&E staff and same burden of proof is required.

                     GRAND TOTAL (Must total at least 24 points)                                                   ____________

FOR THE SPONSOR: I certify that I have reviewed this completed application, am familiar with the work of the applicant, and recommend the applicant as qualified for NEOWA membership.

Print Name ________________________ Sponsor’s Signature_______________________  Date _______

FOR THE APPLICANT: I hereby make application for membership in the New England Outdoor Writers Association. I certify that the information is accurate and that I have read and will subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the association.

Applicant’s Signature _________________________________________Date______________________


In this space, list recent credits as you wish them to appear in the next edition of our membership directory. List only credits qualified above with no reference to personal business. Editors and publishers use this listing to determine your capability for accepting assignments. Please limit credits to 250 characters and spaces. This is in addition to your vital stats such as name, address, phone, etc.
Penn, John Q. (1999)
134 Lake Road
Bass, New York 13456
(H) (516)555-3345 (Mary)
(W)(516)345-5555 (F) (413)555-7865
New York Times travel writer; Outdoor
Life, gun columnist; sporting show
lecturer; Birding Magazine


The Board of Directors has decided that all new membership applications and each subsequent renewal of members in all
categories must attest to having read this Code of Ethics
before application or renewal will be considered.

This Code of Ethics is a self-imposed guide for professional conduct of members of the New England Outdoor Writers
Association and sets standards we strive to maintain.


    Members are expected to conduct their business and personal relationships in a forthright maniier with integrity and in accepted good taste to benefit themselves, the association and our profession. Courtesy and adherence to recognized rules of legal conduct should be observed at all times.
    Suspension of membership for a period of time, consistent with each individual case, including revocation of membership privileges, may be imposed upon any member for unworthy actions as judged by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors in an executive session at which the offending member shall be given the opportunity of appearing and being heard.



    Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. NEOWA members should take pride in producing original work. The association name or the fact of membership shall not be used to obtain benefit or privilege, which the member himself has not earned by virtue of his professional capacity.
    Members, when stating a position on any issue outside the association, shall speak only for themselves or their employer, and not for the association unless they have been specifically authorized by the Board of Directors.
Members may use the association name and seal on personal or professional correspondence only to indicate membership. Members should not use the official NEOWA letterhead intended for association business in place of their owil private letterhead for normal personal business dealings.
    Official correspondence for the association shall not be used to promote a member’s business, political or professional purposes within or outside the association.
    Members who review the work of another member in the normal course of their own professional duties should observe the same practices of truth, fairness and objectivity they are expected to observe in reviewing the work of a nomnember. No special obligation should be felt because the work being reviewed is that of a fellow member.
    Disagreement with association position, programs or other members should be kept within the association and should be aired only within the proper framework of a legal meeting. Once an official position is taken, a disagreeing member should put into practice the sportsmanship stressed in all of our endeavors.



    Accuracy, fair treatment of both sides in a controversy, and objectivity is the very least we owe to the public we serve.
Members are urged to constantly seek to improve their own professional skills. Our audiences are entitled to our best work.
    The overriding guideline for content in any presentation made through any media shall be, “Is it true?” Each member must determine for himself what degree of literary freedom (in the case of writing) or staging (in the case of photography) may be required to portray the subject to achieve desired honest purposes.
    If a definitive truth is unknown, but it appears important to development, the presentation should clearly indicate that it is only opinion. If basic truths are unobtainable, then the member should try to choose another subject


    Lease, loan, gift, or discount sale of equipment and services are ethical, commonly accepted practices between the outdoor industry and outdoor communicators, even as they are in many other specialized fields of endeavor. These practices are of mutual benefit to the member as a source of raw material for articles and pictures, to the supplier as a means for publicizing or obtaining sound field evaluation of a product, and to the public as a means of obtaining information on the types, use and desirability of equipment and services available. However, these practices are fraught with ethical dangers. Members are urged to proceed carefully.
    Members should not solicit equipment or services for personal use in activities other than those immediately associated with their normal outdoor pursuits. Discounts should not be used to obtain equipment or services for friends, relatives or associates not qualified to receive such privileges.
    Members should inquire about the discount policies before making use of them. Requests from potential sources may be made by members for particular equipment or services for the purpose of researching articles or providing photo material, but follow-up mutual responsibilities should be made clear before acceptance.
    The member should provide the potential source with ample proof that he has a bona fide assignment to produce a specific article or photo assignment or that he has reasonable prospect of publication, and the writer represents the media claimed. If a speculative endeavor is planned, the fact should be honestly stated in the request at the outset.
    Members should adhere precisely to the procedures and requirements requested by the source, including fmal disposition of the items received, but if such action were to be contrary to this Code of Ethics in any way, the member should immediately cancel the arrangement and return the items. Members are advised to have the entire transaction in writing.

    Members should in no way offer to give favorable publicity as a means for obtaining equipment or services, and should promptly refuse any offer from any source where receipt of an item or service is conditional upon a promise by a member to produce such publicity.
    Members may solicit items for use by the association only if authorized by the Board of Directors.
    Members should not use their position as communicators, the name of this association, or the fact of their membership to threaten or pressure any group or business to accede to the member’s point of view or desires.
    When merchandise is received without prior request by the member or an offer from the source, and there is no mutual agreement, the member assumes no responsibility beyond the accepted rules of fairness, truth and objectivity in reporting, and is under no obligation to return the item.
    If members desire to dispose of goods in their possession, they should first ascertain the supplier’s wishes if possible. If contact cannot be made, they should be free to dispose of the item at their discretion.



    Differing political positions are the right of any member, but personal stands should not infer or state any support of, or connection with, the association.
    All laws and regulations pertaining to fish-and-wildlife management, associated activities, and other outdoor pursuits should be scrupulously observed by every member. In the instance of violation followed by a conviction, the penalty levied by the association on the offending member shall not exceed the punitive period of conviction, except for repeated offenses when the judgment of the Board of Directors should prevail for the good of the organization. In the instances where conviction or fmes do not involve revocation of licenses, the punitive period pertaining to NEOWA will be determined by a majority of the Board of Directors in executive session commensurate with the violation.
    Fairness, truth and objectivity in the best interest of the public should also be the rule for reporting on government agencies. Researched information should be duly credited and kept separate from opinion.
    Controversy is an accepted aspect of reporting, and nowhere is it more likely than in reporting on the activities of government agencies. Controversy need not be avoided, but it shall not be deliberately created or sought. In all cases, both sides of a controversy should be given equal opportunity for exposure if possible. If not possible, and the reason is known, it may be stated. If not possible by reason of the policy of the member’s employer, the member is advised to avoid the controversy. The association is aware that some media may institute editorial policies affecting NEOWA members that make it impossible for the member to treat both sides of a controversy fairly.
    The granting of complimentary licenses to members is solely a prerogative of the agencies so doing. Members may inquire and fulfill individual requirements for an agency unilaterally, but in the event of rejection, the member should not pursue the action further without first gaining approval of the Board of Directors. Those members who may receive such licenses must accept the challenge to set the highest standards for broad ethical and legal conduct with reference to the source and this association. (The association, when asked to do so by the agencies concerned, may furnish a membership list to aid in the issuance of such licenses. Individual members shall refer any such request to the Board of Directors for action.)



All new applications must be submitted by a sponsor who is a
current member of NEOWA.

It is the responsibility of the sponsor to:
1. Furnish the applicant with a current membership application form and advise his/her as to the proper information needed.
NOTE: The applicant must also be given a copy of the Code of Ethics, which must be signed by the applicant, attesting to his/her having read the document, and returned it with the application form.
2. Collect tear sheets, letters of proof and other documentation from the applicant you wish to sponsor.
3. Collect check or money order, payable to NEOWA, from the applicant you wish to sponsor.
4. Submit the documentationl/payment/Code of Ethics application package to the membership secretary.



    The purpose of this corporation shall be to encourage excellence and professionalism in the communication media concerned with outdoor sports; to encourage hannonious relations and sportsmanlike conduct among sportsmen; to promote and encourage the conservation and use of natural resources; and to disseminate such information pertaining thereto as shall further these purposes.



    Upon verification that membership requirements have been documented and payment received, the membership secretary will submit the application to the board of directors at its next regular meeting.
    I have read and will abide by the Code of Ethics of the New England Outdoor Writers Association. I understand that any infraction of this code may result in the revocation of membership and privileges.

Signature of Applicant ___________________________________________________ Date ____________________